Let me start by saying that I’ve always wanted to start a blog, vlog and some sort of “frociety” where all people embracing their true self and cherishing what they have been given can come together in unity and support, love and help each other along in our journey to self acceptance and appreciation however I’ve always seem to to doubt myself and put my ideas on the back burner but not anymore.

The recent events at Pretoria girls high school where the girls are basically being forced to straighten their hair based on school policy because it is seen as untidy, wild and unprofessional made me realise that I can no longer keep quiet and that it’s time for me to voice my opinion. It saddens and upsets me to think that in 2016 in a post apartheid South Africa we are still fighting for equality. We live in a society that supposedly encourages everyone to be unique and accept themselves but when people finally accept and start embracing who they truly are they get reprimanded for it and get told that they doing it wrong.

Society needs to realise we do not become naturals to make a statement but we do to it because it’s how God designed us and it’s the closest we can get to being ourselves .We will not conform to what’s accepted or seen as appropriate in society. We are all equal and we are all free to be whoever we want to be. We shouldn’t have to fight for our identity especially not students who should be encouraged and supported in schools rather then being bashed and shamed for their hair. Schools are there to teach students and help them grow, not make certain students feel inferior because of their blackness.

Let us unite to support these girls and all others in the struggle and fight for our identities. We will not conform! We will not change! We are black and we are proud!





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