Ain’t no shame in the FRO game

Since its Froday and I haven’t posted anything lately, I thought to myself why not try and inspire someone today.

So as much as this is for all the beautiful souls who have accepted their natural hair and unapologetically embrace their bossiekopp, this one actually goes out to everyone who hasn’t.

If you someone who’s ashamed or scared to show off your kinks, coils or curls this is me trying to convince you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being different and not having that sleek hair you’ve seen other girls and boys have.

We all say we won’t allow anyone to change who we truly are and we love the skin we in but, if you’re trying to conform to society by forcing your hair to be in state that it wasn’t naturally designed for then doesn’t that mean you don’t truly accept yourself and you trying to comply and adhere to what society thinks is beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong, even I straighten my hair once or twice a year. It’s fun and exciting to try something different every once in a while but never change for any other reason but to better yourself.

Here’s how I went natural : I was dared by a friend to attend school with my fro for an entire week. It was challenging as I myself had to adapt to seeing myself that way every day, and I received different responses from the students, friends, family and teaches on my hair, both positive and negative but you know what, two years later and I’m still going strong and I couldn’t thank my friend enough for daring me to rock my bush and motivating me to love my hair and be who good designed me to be #abossiekopp

So here’s my challenge to the public If you have a family member or a friend I want you to encourage them to love their bossiekopp and dare them to rock their natural hair for a week.

Let’s start a Bossiekopp revolution


Check that fro grow!


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