Product Frenzy

Choosing the best products for your hair type can be tricky, if you newly natural and even if you an oldie.     

The best way to figure out which products works best for your hair is through trial and error. Trial and error is a good method to use as no ones hair is exactly the same and what works for someone else’s hair might not work as well for yours and that’s why I recommend experimenting with hair products.

From research I have done on hair types and what products works best for each type, I found that curly and kinky hair needs much more moisture than wavy or straight hair needs and that’s because wavy and straight hair already has a lot of moisture in their hair.

Type 2 wavy hair shouldn’t be over moisturised and conditioned, as a lot of product application with weigh down the hair and give it a greasy appearance. I suggest using sulfate free shampoo and a good conditioner for this hair type as well as any oil that can be applied after washing to lock moisture and add shine.

Type 3 curly hair needs quite an amount of moisture and therefore leave in conditioners are recommended for this hair type, after washing the hair with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and an oil for extra shine and softness. If you don’t have leave in conditioner just rinse out some of the normal conditioner leaving some in the hair. 

Type 4 coily/kinky hair (my hair type) needs a large amount of moisture and conditioning as it doesn’t lock in moisture easily. This hair type uses all the products of the other hair typed with added deep conditioners, creams or butters for extra moisture. 

These are just guidelines, they not set because other hair types are allowed to use all the products type 4 does just not as often or the same amounts.

Products that generally work well on most hair types

Water based moisturisers and good sealants:  water should be stipulated as an ingredient on moisturisers  holders you buy other wise it’s not a good one. Purchase sealants that contain oil and/or butters that seal in water (moisture) as it is need to keep hair moisturised and soft.

Go sulfate free: sulfate free shampoo products are a must to keep from stripping hair from its natural moisture.

Use hot oil treatments: should be used as it softens hair and brings out hairs natural sheen. Using this in winter is essential to avoid hair from drying out.

Spritz with water: water is the best source of moisture for hair therefore a daily dose of water on your hair will help keep it soft and supple.

Other elements that help with natural hair are: sleeping with a satin cap or on a satin pillow case to keep hair from drying out #CottonIsANoNo, drink lots of water as it helps keep hair moisturised and helps with hair growth, and do not constantly touch your hair as it can strip hair from moisture and oils.

I have developed some sort of obsession with finding natural hair products in local stores as well as online. It’s exciting for me however it can be quite expensive and that has also played a role in which products I use since I’m a full time student.

The products I am currently using are Aunt Jackies curls and coils shampoo, conditioner and defining curl custard and whip, Eco styler gel, Palmers leave in conditioner and I use both argan and coconut oil. 

And I also used Dr Miracles curl care and Marc Anthony’s kinky curls range, which works well but is a but pricey. 

I hope this helps you understand which products to look for and try out. Have fun experimenting 



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