Preparing your hair for Summer #thePERFECTtimetostartTransitioning

Hi there beautiful beings! So we all know that once summer time arrives all the natural bossiekoppe come out to play and for those considering transitioning or trying to get their natural curl pattern back, now is the perfect time to start.

Before preparing your hair for summer time we have to acknowledge that all our hair experiences seasonal damage, and this damage is usually worse for natural hair, as it results in large amounts of shedding and breakage, especially during the winter season. However there is no need to stress my Bush Babes as I have a few tips to repair the seasonal damage and theses tips include:

Getting a trim– trimming yours ends is vital in growing naturally healthy hair and getting rid of damage. I know its a challenge to motivate yourself to get a trim because I never want to get my hair trimmed but trust me it really helps your hair.

Try an oil infusion– an oil infusion is a two step deep conditioning treatment that hydrates the driest of curls.

Do a protein treatment– this treatment is amazing as it rejuvenates and replenishes damaged hair, leaving it healthy and strong.

Now preparing your hair for summer as well as tips to help look after your hair during the summer season. (#some tips might have been mentioned above in the seasonal damage hair tips).

Moisturise!- moisturising natural hair is the most important element for ensuring healthy hair. Without moisture your hair will always break off and wont grow at all. Water is the best source of moisture and the best way to go about adding moisturising hair after your wash day is to spritz and seal your hair during the day and before bed. A moisturising spritz and seal consists of water and an oil of your choice such as coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil and castor oil etc.    

Try protective hairstyles- as it retains moisture without causing a lot of frizz. Some of the popular protective hairstyles include twisted or braided styles, as well as bantu knots.images-5images-3images-1

Use a leave-in- after being in the sun and exposed to extreme heat, you always have to replenish moisture into your and you can do this by applying a leave-in treatment that softens and adds shine to your hair.

Get rid of split ends- split end damage cannot absorb moisture and therefore getting rid of it is the best option.

Before swimming- wet your hair and coat it with an oil to prevent your hair from absorbing lots of chlorine and salt water.

After swimming- be sure to wash your the same day you swim, whether in a pool or at the beach, in order to remove chlorine or salt as it causes dryness and damage to hair.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions, I will answer them to the best of my ability. I can also explain how to do some of the protective styles.



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