How I achieve my Wash n Go


The sun is shining and it’s another beautiful day in the mother city to rock that natural fro #HappyFroday.

So today I’ll be explaining how I achieve my favourite natural hairstyle “the Wash n Go”. The Wash n Go hairstyle is a popular natural hairstyle that you either love or hate depending on the curl definition achieved.

My reasons for loving this hairstyle is because it’s not as time consuming as the other natural hair styles once you get the hang of it. The style also gets better from the time you do your wash n go as my hair in general gets softer and bigger as the days go by (which I love #thebiggerthebetter).

What I use for my wash n go:

Spray bottle with water

Palmers coconut oil leave in conditioner

Aunt Jackies Flaxseed elongating curling gel

Aunt Jackies soft all over oil

My technique:

  1. Firstly I wash my hair with Aunt Jackies softening and moisturing shampoo. It’s important to get rid of any product build up as it weighs hair down.
  2. I then condition my hair using Aunt Jackies conditioner, detangle and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.img_44251
  3. I then section my hair into 6 sections so that I have smaller amounts of hair to work with.img_44191
  4. When I start with a section I further sub-divide that section of hair into two and spray each sub-divided section individually with water as this hairstyle needs hair to be wet to achieve defined curls.img_44571
  5. The leave in conditioner is then spritzed onto the sub-divided section.
  6. Aunt Jackies Flaxseed elongating gel is then raked through the sub-divided section. I do not have a specific amount I put on the section I just make sure each strand of hair is covered in the gel.
  7. I then scrunch the ends of my hair a bit and start on the other half of that section.img_44581
  8. Continue steps 4-7 on the other five sections of hair left.img_44221
  9. I then allow my hair to air dry and once dried I put the soft all over oil on my hair for added shine.img_44591


That’s how I achieve my favourite wash n go hairstyle. Experimenting with your hair is loads of fun, so go ahead and try it out. Comment, inbox or email me if you have any questions on achieving this style for your hair, if you’d like a video on how I achieve it or would like me to personally try it out on your hair.



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